For proven effective treatment of muscular aches, pains and soft tissue injuries.

Welcome to Prince Sports Massage

Based at Nether Wallop, Nr Stockbridge, Prince Sports Massage has provided professional soft tissue therapy and Biomechanical Assessment to East Wiltshire and North Hampshire since 2005. For any recent or unresolved sports injury, a sports massage will help. It will aid tissue repair, tackle tightness, improve your flexibility and sporting performance. For repetitive injuries or tightness a Biomechanical Assessment will identify incorrect movement patterns and help correct them.

What treatments we offer...

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An car accident may cause muscle to spasm (tighten involuntary) to protect the neck in a car crash. This will cause major pain and dysfunction.

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Low Back Pain & Tight Neck and Shoulders

Back ache and tight neck and shoulders are very common due to modern lifestyles requiring long periods of sitting down or highly repetitive activity.

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Ankle Sprain & Hamstring Strain

Injury to the soft tissue causes swelling and pain. For proper healing swelling needs to be reduced and proper healing promoted.

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Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Pain on the outside of the knee during walking and running that ceases on rest can be due to overuse and aggravation of the ITB.

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Achillies Tendonitis

The achillies tendon can become inflammed through repetition and over use. Releasing the tension in the calf can give it a chance to heal

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Back Seizure

Over loading or poor movement can put a huge strain on the back. The muscle can be forced to spasm to protect the delicate structures of the back.

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Reduced Flexibility

An area of reduced flexibility will put extra stress on the adjacent body parts forcing them to behave differently seriously increasing injury risk.

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Piriformis Syndrome

Increased training load can cause the Piriformis muscle to tighten causing sciatic type pain down the leg. Releasing the muscle will remove the pain.

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Post Exercise Recovery

Training hard causes muscular tightness and micro trauma which is part of the strengthening process but it can restrict future training.

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Persistent Cramps

Cramp can be due to salt imbalance. Tight muscle can prevent replenishing of salts and so persistent cramp.

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Tension Headaches

The Muscles in the neck feed up into the base of the scull and can cause tension head aches. Releasing the tension can relieve the headaches.

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Crick or Wry Neck

Neck pain and stiffness that may come on overnight, waking with restriction in your ability to turn your head and pain due to spasm of neck muscles.

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Postural & Bio-Mechanical Assessment

Recurring injuries or tightness can often be caused by incorrect muscular activation patterns

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Tennis & Golfers Elbow

Overuse can cause aggravation of the muscle and its tendon. Releasing the muscle can take the pressure of the tendon and give it a chance to heal.

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Historic Scar Reduction

Scar tissue contracts and so can cause puckering and restriction if not stretched and mobilized. Careful manipulation can return function and length.

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