• With all of the following this is just intended to be a guide.  If in any doubt feel free to call and discuss your situation with me 
  • I have had an accident what should I do – can I come and see you? The Protocol for treatment of an acute soft tissue injury is as follows
    • R est
    • I ce
    • C ompress
    • E levate
  • These four things are designed to firstly reduce further injury and secondly reduce swelling and pain and promote healing. After a sprain or a tear there will be swelling and may also be bleeding within the tissue. The above will keep this to a minimum if done correctly and should be done for the initial acute inflammatory phase of between 1 and 3 days depending on the severity on the injury. Ice should be used until the skin of the area has gone pale like cold fingers on a winters day and for no longer. Once this point has been reached remove the ice and apply a compressive bandage. The area will slowly warm up again and the process can then be repeated. Compression means a crepe style bandage applied moderately tightly to apply a compressive force to also help reduce swelling. As with icing however more is not better as swelling can not be completely stopped and if the bandage is applied too tight the swelling can cause a restriction to the circulation. It is therefore sensible to re apply the bandage from time to time to maintain the correct pressure. Massage SHOULD NOT be carried out during this phase. Once this phase is over however gentle massage can be very effective in aiding healing.
    • I have come down with a cold should I still come to my appointment. Probably not – pushing tissue fluids around the body my increase the spread of the infection so leave it a couple of days and rebook.  Its better for everyone!
    • How soon after having a baby can I come for a sports massage Unless you are a regular and know exactly how you respond to massage wait until after your 5 week check up with the doctor 
    • I have had an operation how soon can I have a sports massage Ask your surgeon they may recommend sooner but generally 6 weeks. 
    • I am diabetic can I still have sports massage Yes but please be aware that massage can has the same effect as exercise and cause a drop in blood sugar.  Also please make sure you advise me of any sensory or circulatory problems you have as a result of the condition.
    • How soon after an event can I have a sports massage This depends just how sore your muscles are.  If you have done a very long event and have a lot of microtrauma in the muscles it may be better to leave it a couple of days to allow the inflammation to end.  If you are just tight post event then you can massage straight away.
    • How soon after a sports massage can I train This somewhat depends on why you have had the massage and what sort of treatment you received.  Very deep massage may cause some bruising and soreness post treatment and this may cause some concern but generally this is not a reason not to continue normal training.  Obviously if the treatment was for an injury then the injury itself with dictate the training suitable. If you have received a more general sports massage then training straight way afterwards is fine.
    • When should I come for a sports massage and when should I go to the doctor or other health care professional instead If in any doubt as to the cause of your pain or dysfunction your should go to the doctor.  A Sports Massage can do you a lot of good if you genuinely have a soft tissue problem but sometimes it can be hard to tell.  By asking about how the problem arose how it feels after activity and at different times of the day I can make certain judgements using  my personal experiences and training as to whether there is likely to be a soft tissue element but this is an art not a science so if in any doubt as to the seriousness of your problem start with your GP.
    • Do you treat children or older adults? Yes children can be treated as long as if they are under 16 they are accompanied by an adult.  Treatment will often be shorter as tissue is both more responsive and also more tender. Older adults can also be treated as long as any chronic condition such as High Blood Pressure is properly medicated and controlled.  Warfarin users need to call to discuss treatment.  Also as you age the skin drys and thins so care needs to be taken to reduce pressure and oil well to reduce the risk of damage to the skin. 

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