Is this the story of your winter training?

If so firstly give yourselves a pat on the back – its been tough out there! Now make sure you look after your ACHILLIES TENDON which runs from the bottom of your calf to the back of your heel. If you have pain in this area can you walk on tiptoes. If not then you have suspected achillies problems. These can be hard to shift but to start with you can:

  • make sure you warm up and down properly at a brisk pain free walk
  • Stretch your calves slowly properly and regularly.

If you feel you may have a problem and wish to discuss your symptoms feel free to call or if you know you need help try our online booking, and make sure all that training in the rain isn’t wasted now the sun is beginning to show itself again!!

For proven effective treatment of muscular aches, pains and soft tissue injuries.

John - Abbotts Ann

As a keen club cricketer and fun runner I have, over a number of years, come to appreciate Elizabeth's ability to analyse injuries and physical discomfort early and provide me with treatment focused at reducing their impact and improving the speed of my recovery. With the knowledge Elizabeth has gained competing at international level, she has helped me to adapt and improve my own training routines for a variety of sports and physical challenges.