Summer Holiday Closures

Prince Sports Massage are delighted to back after lockdown and will remain open over the summer except for between the following dates 3-6th August and 21st – 28th August when we will be away. We will continue to work from our temporary premises in Nether Wallop SO20 8EQ over the summer holiday period.

We apologies to anyone who might find the extra traveling difficult however we are sure that in the current climate to ensure that we have a well ventilated room is best for everyone and for the practice to comply with the current safety recommendations as set out by the Sports Massage Association is important.

Any questions or queries please do not hesitate to call or text07979643240 or email

Many thanks for your continued support. Keep well and keep fit!

For proven effective treatment of muscular aches, pains and soft tissue injuries.

Tim - Marlborough

After months of neck and shoulder problems, one visit to Elizabeth has fundamentally helped fix the problem, by working out what was causing the problem. A simple case of the wrong muscles being used for certain movements. once the brain has been educated to use the right ones everything seems to be sorting itself out. Thank you.