Ankle Sprain & Hamstring Strain

What is this?

When an accident occurs and the soft tissue fibres are torn the body responds by immobilizing the area with swelling and pain. As well as immobilizing the damaged area, swelling also reduces the speed of the healing process.

How we help

After the first 3 days where cold, rest and elevation is the best treatment, a gentle massage can help with the healing process by starting to remove the swelling, increasing the circulation and aligning the new fibres so as to ensure a good heal and reduce possible scar tissue adhesion. Once healing has been established movement and the rebuilding of strength and proprioceptive control is essential to avoid future weakness and recurring injury.

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David - Longparish

Elizabeth uses a wide range of techniques to keep my body injury-free and moving well. As I am a personal trainer it is hugely important to maintain maximal function. As an enthusiastic runner (I have run more than 60 marathons and am a regular runner of ultras up to and just over 100 miles), I am constantly trying to undo the good work Elizabeth does. For the last 12 years Elizabeth has been winning