Crick or Wry Neck

What is this?

Muscles can spasm as a protective or reactive mechanism however it leaves you with a painful problem! Muscle spasm is a fast shortening and locking of the muscles triggered by the nerves. Tweaking an already tight muscles may cause it to spasm to prevent more serious damage such as a muscle tear. Prompt treatment can return the neck to normal function quickly and easily.

How we help

To release the spasm requires calming of the nerves and allowing the muscles to reset. Without treatment the spam can release on its own over time however often a small tight band remains causing continued dysfunction in the neck and a long term repetitive problem which does not self resolve, If you can trace your neck problems back to a previous spasm get it treated and get your neck back to normal.

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Dawn - Tidworth

Fantastic Sports Massage therapist who also offers great advice on managing and preventing further injuries. I've also learnt some great techniques to improve my posture and core strength