Historic Scar Reduction

What is this?

After a significant soft tissue injury or surgery, scar tissue is created not just in the skin but in the deeper tissue layers too. If not rehabilitated properly it can pucker becoming tight, restrictive and uncomfortable. Different tissue layers should slide over each other. with a poorly formed scar these layers can become adhered so future movements feel heavy, restricted and pulling.

How we help

Deep Tissue Massage and Myofacial Release techniques can be used to release adhesions and improve quality of healing removing any puckering and inflexibility.

For proven effective treatment of muscular aches, pains and soft tissue injuries.

Tim - Marlborough

After months of neck and shoulder problems, one visit to Elizabeth has fundamentally helped fix the problem, by working out what was causing the problem. A simple case of the wrong muscles being used for certain movements. once the brain has been educated to use the right ones everything seems to be sorting itself out. Thank you.