Low Back Pain & Tight Neck and Shoulders

What is this?

If you are suffering from a deep 'toothache' like pain which eases with movement or heat but returns on rest then this is due to tight muscles actually restricting the local blood flow to these areas. Inactivity or over use can cause muscular imbalances and areas of extreme localized muscular tightness. Returning these structures to their correct length and improving movement patterns and posture improves mobility and circulation and so relieves the pain.

How we help

Sports Massage and Myofacial Release Techniques re-balance the muscles opening up the tight areas to restore the natural circulation and aid tissue maintenance. With JEMS we can identify what is causing the problem to reoccur and we can help you make the changes to prevent this happening again making you pain free for longer.

For proven effective treatment of muscular aches, pains and soft tissue injuries.

Dawn - Tidworth

Fantastic Sports Massage therapist who also offers great advice on managing and preventing further injuries. I've also learnt some great techniques to improve my posture and core strength