Persistent Cramps

What is this?

Cramp is a form of muscular spasm thought to arise due to a salt imbalance in the muscle. This may be in the whole body due to loss of salt due to sweating in excess heat or exercise in which case diet should correct this. If a single muscule keeps cramping however this may be due to a local salt imbalance due to tightness within that muscle causing reduced localised circulation preventing the salts from reaching the area.

How we help

Massage can release the tightness and return normal tissue fluid movement to the area thereby redressing the salt balance.

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Penny - Tidworth

Hi Elizabeth, I saw you back in March several times for my trapped nerve in my arm and my knotty neck of doom! I just wanted you to know that you fixed me, hence why I've not been back and its been life changing ....... I am back into exercising and I've lost a stone and feel fantastic so 'thank you'. %%post_title%%