Piriformis Syndrome

What is this?

The piriformis muscle helps control the stability of the leg at the hip. An increase in the amount of walking, running or an increase in the demand for stability such as moving to off road running can cause its increased use. As the sciatic nerve passes close to or even through this muscle it can impinge on it and cause neural type pain down the back, side or even the front of the leg. (NB Sciatic pain that can be traced back to the lumbar spine and may also be a sign of other medical or chiropractic conditions so further investigation should also be considered).

How we help

Massage, Fascial release and stretching can release the muscle and remove the impingement. Trigger points in the hip area may also be the cause of similar referred pain. Looking at how the hip functions and its relationship with the foot can also identify why this small muscle is being over used. Corrective exercise through JEMS can prevent re-occurance of the problem.

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John - Abbotts Ann

As a keen club cricketer and fun runner I have, over a number of years, come to appreciate Elizabeth's ability to analyse injuries and physical discomfort early and provide me with treatment focused at reducing their impact and improving the speed of my recovery. With the knowledge Elizabeth has gained competing at international level, she has helped me to adapt and improve my own training routines for a variety of sports and physical challenges.