Postural & Bio-Mechanical Assessment

What is this?

Recurring injuries or tightness where the issue is resolved successfully and then after a while it reoccurs anew can often be caused by incorrect muscle activation causing too much strain in one area and so re-injury. Using JEMS techniques we look at how you are creating certain movements to see if a better more efficient strategy could be used thereby protecting the body. JEMS is about allowing forces created by to body to move safely through it rather than blocking and controlling them. It leads to more efficient and effective patterns and so less strain and injury.

How we help

JEMS believes that if there hasnt been a severe injury or surgery then the muscle is probably capable of carrying out its required action however due to over loading or mis-information in the past poor movement patterns have been learnt. All is required therefore is a relearning of correct movement patterns to unlock the muscles potential and restore efficient effective movement,

For proven effective treatment of muscular aches, pains and soft tissue injuries.

Penny - Tidworth

Hi Elizabeth, I saw you back in March several times for my trapped nerve in my arm and my knotty neck of doom! I just wanted you to know that you fixed me, hence why I've not been back and its been life changing ....... I am back into exercising and I've lost a stone and feel fantastic so 'thank you'. %%post_title%%