Reduced Flexibility

What is this?

Muscles should reset to their original resting length after exercise but if we train hard or as we get older this is not always the case. As we try to continue to move with restricted mobility strain is put on surrounding tissues which are being asked to help out. It is not the primary area of tightness that often brings clients to my door, it is the subsequent secondary injury to these tissue that are now expected to do a job they are not designed to do. If you wait until this point then not only do we have to sort the injury but also the original flexibility problem. By maintaining appropriate flexibility secondary injuries can be avoided which is so much better for you and your wallet!

How we help

Massage can re-set the resting length of the muscles along with facilitated stretching. If you suffer from reoccurring tightness of an area it may be due to inappropriate muscle activation patterns which with careful retraining, using JEMS techniques, can be corrected to avoid you having a continuing problem.

For proven effective treatment of muscular aches, pains and soft tissue injuries.

David - Longparish

Elizabeth uses a wide range of techniques to keep my body injury-free and moving well. As I am a personal trainer it is hugely important to maintain maximal function. As an enthusiastic runner (I have run more than 60 marathons and am a regular runner of ultras up to and just over 100 miles), I am constantly trying to undo the good work Elizabeth does. For the last 12 years Elizabeth has been winning