Tension Headaches

What is this?

The nerves and blood supply to the head all run through the neck. If the muscles of the neck and along the top of the shoulders get tight this can put tension on these delicate structures aggravating them and causing headaches. Some neck muscles also insert onto the base of the scull and so can pull on the membranes covering the scull causing tightness and referred pain up into the eye and temple area.

How we help

Gentle soft tissue massage, facial release and mobilization of structures can release the tightness around these delicate structures allowing them to move freely, recover and return to normal function.

For proven effective treatment of muscular aches, pains and soft tissue injuries.

Lee - Durrington

Miracle Worker. After getting an injury 2 weeks before a marathon Elizabeth worked her magic and I managed to drag my carcass around.. Thank you so much.